Welcome to the help center for Search Ads 360, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the Search Ads 360 product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

Specify Search Ads 360 bid strategy conversions

Target Google Ads, Floodlight, and Google Analytics conversions in a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

You can use formula columns that combine Google Ads conversions with Floodlight and Google Analytics conversions that can be used to target conversions in a Search Ads 360 bid strategy.

If the formula column includes Floodlight conversions, you can specify an attribution model that will apply to the Floodlight conversions only.  Google Ads attribution models aren’t available in Search Ads 360. You can select an attribution model for Google Ads conversions only in Google Ads.

  1. Create a Google Ads conversion tracking column for the Google Ads conversions you want to use.

  2. Create Google Analytics activity columns for the Google Analytics goals you want to use.

  3. Create Floodlight columns for the Floodlight activities you want to use.

  4. Create a formula column and use it in a bid strategy.

    1. In the formula column, select the Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Floodlight conversions.

    2. Start creating or editing a Search Ads 360 bid strategy with a Conversions, Revenue, or Advanced targeting goal.

    3. In the Target step, click the arrow ▼ next to Conversion source to display the list, and then select Formula columns.

    4. Under Select conversion type, select the formula column.
    5. Choose any other settings that you want in the bid strategy editor, and then click Save bid strategy.
  5. Apply the bid strategy to Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, or biddable items.

Convert store visits into revenue

If you want a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to optimize bids for store visits, you can convert store visits into the revenue goal that you want to achieve.

Decide on a value for each store visit and then create a formula column that converts the number of store visits to revenue using the to_money parameter. For example, if each store visit is valued at $5, you could create the following formula column and then select it a Search Ads 360 bid strategy with a revenue goal.

Store visits formula column = ($5 * To_money(store_visit))


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