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Test landing pages

Test landing pages

Search Ads 360 landing page tests were deprecated on May 1, 2019.

Here are some alternatives that you can use to test landing pages.

Ad copy tests for ad groups (available in Search Ads 360) 

Ad copy tests enable you find out which ad copy performs best in an ad group. To use an ad copy test to validate landing page URLs, create duplicate ads in an ad group. Each ad can point users to a different landing page URL.

Learn more about ad copy tests.


Campaign drafts and experiments (available in Google Ads)

In Google Ads, create a draft of a Google Ads campaign that uses a different landing page for the ads. Then, convert the draft into an experiment to test the landing pages. 

Sync the account into Search Ads 360.  Then label the original and the draft campaign to identify the campaigns in Search Ads 360 reporting tables. For example, label the original campaign, "control", and label the draft campaign, "experiment".

Learn more about drafts and experiments in Google Ads Help.


Ad variations (available in Google Ads)

Ad variations allow you to test variations of your ads across multiple campaigns or an entire account. 

Overview of steps to use ad variations to test landing pages

  1. Set up the ad variation to create duplicate ads with different ad landing pages.
  2. Note the filters you use to create the ad variations because you're going to need to create the same filters in Search Ads 360. For example, note the specific campaigns that ad variations are created in. 
  3. Sync the account into Search Ads 360.
  4. Optional. In Search Ads 360, use a filter to identify the campaigns that include ad variations.
  5. Label the ad variations.

Learn more about ad variations in Google Ads Help.


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