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About ad builders

Ad builders simplify the creation and modification ad copy across multiple ad groups. With only a few clicks, you can create thousands of ads and ensure their freshness. 

Without ad builders, creating and maintaining large search marketing campaigns requires uploading and maintaining large spreadsheets. Ad builders streamline this process by giving you a powerful tool built into the Search Ads 360 UI. A single ad builder can place ads in any number of ad groups, while keeping you in total control. Ad builders can also include functions to deal with ad copy that would result in an error. You have the option to review all of your ads before they’re sent to the engine.

Maintaining control

Although ad builders can quickly enact changes across your agency, you retain absolute control. You can review all the drafts your ad builder creates, before choosing to publish those changes.

Keeping it fresh

You can use business data and campaign attributes in your ad builders, helping you to create relevant ad copy at scale. This makes it easy to write one set of ad copy, and deploy it across multiple ad groups. The following examples illustrate how you can use dynamic text to create relevant ads:

  • “Shop [Ad_group] at Hooper’s Store” becomes something like: “Shop Fall Fashion at Hooper’s Store”
  • “Roomy flights from []” becomes something like “Roomy flights from Eastern Europe”

The dynamic text parameters are automatically replaced by business data relevant to the ad group.

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