Report on Yahoo! Japan sitelinks data

Search Ads 360 provides two different ways to view data on how your sitelinks are performing. You can either:

  • Segment the campaigns or Ad groups tab.
    This view is useful for comparing metrics across campaigns or ad groups. For example, you can view data on how the sitelink performed in two different ad groups.
  • Set the scope and view the Sitelinks tab.
    This view shows data on a sitelink at the current scope. For example, you can see how two different sitelinks generated different numbers of clicks.

Segment the Campaigns or Ad groups tab

  1. Navigate to a Yahoo! Japan account.
  2. Click the Campaigns or Ad groups tab.
  3. Click the Segment button, located above the performance summary graph.
  4. Click on the +Segment dropdown, and select Sitelink extension.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. To view conversion data attributed to sitelinks, select Actions or Sales from the View menu, located above the performance summary graph.

Set the scope and view the Sitelinks tab

  1. Navigate to the scope containing the sitelink you want to report on.

  2. Click the Extensions tab and select sitelinks.

  3. Optionally, customize the metrics that are displayed in the report.

    For example, if you use Floodlight activities to track conversions, you can add custom Floodlight columns to display the conversions that are associated with each sitelink.

Download the data

Once you’ve found the data you want to analyze, you can download the data in a variety of formats. Learn more about reporting in Search Ads 360.

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