Create and manage social engine accounts

Schedule the delivery of social performance and engagement metrics

Use Sprinklr's Ad Manager to generate a social performance and engagement report for Search Ads 360

To send performance and engagement metrics from Sprinklr:

  1. Create a DS sFTP endpoint specifically for Sprinklr if you haven't done so already.
  2. Contact your Sprinklr account representative and give them the server name, port number, username, and password that Search Ads 360 generated for your sFTP endpoint.

Sprinklr will set up a schedule for sending performance data to Search Ads 360.


Search Ads 360 deduplicates overlapping uploads

If the uploaded metrics overlap, Search Ads 360 overrides the previously uploaded metrics with the most recent upload. For example:

  1. Every afternoon you upload metrics from today and yesterday.
    So Monday's upload contains all metrics from Sunday and metrics for Monday morning and afternoon.
  2. Tuesday's upload contains all metrics from Monday and partial metrics from Tuesday.
    Tuesday's upload will completely overwrite the partial data previously uploaded for Monday.


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