Report on Adobe Analytics data

Use Adobe Analytics data in reports or bid strategies

Report on Adobe Analytics data

To include Adobe Analytics data in Search Ads 360 reports, do any of the following:

Report on Adobe Analytics data from Report Builder

To include Adobe Analytics metrics in Campaign Manager 360  reports, you can add paid search dimensions and metrics to Campaign Manager 360 Standard reports. Learn more about using Report Builder to report on Search Ads 360 data.

Use Adobe Analytics data in automated rules

Automated rules change settings in campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, or product targets based on criteria you specify. To trigger a rule using data from Adobe Analytics:

  1. Start creating a rule.
  2. In the Conditions section, the + Attribute or metric list includes all Floodlight activities in your advertiser. Select an activity that Search Ads 360 created to contain data from an Adobe Analytics metric.

Use Adobe Analytics data in bid strategies

To use data from Adobe Analytics in a bid strategy:

  1. Start creating a number of conversions, revenue, or advanced targeting bid strategy.
  2. When defining targets, under Conversion source, select DoubleClick Floodlight.
    If you select All actions or All transactions, Adobe Analytics data is included.

    If you want to use only data from Adobe Analytics:
    1. Click Selected conversions.
      A list of all Floodlight activities in your advertiser appears.
    2. Select one or more Floodlight activities that Search Ads 360 created for the Adobe Analytics metrics you added to your advertiser.

Apply attribution models to Adobe Analytics data

An attribution model determines how to distribute credit for a conversion across all of the activity in a conversion funnel. 

There are two options for applying attribution models to Adobe Analytics data:

  • To apply an Adobe Analytics attribution model, in Adobe Analytics set up a calculated metric that uses the attribution model. Then add the calculated metric to Search Ads 360.
  • To apply a DoubleClick or DDA attribution model, after you add report metrics to Search Ads 360:
    1. Create a custom Floodlight column that contains Adobe Analytics data.
    2. Apply DoubleClick or DDA attribution models to the custom Floodlight column.
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