Auction-time bidding in Search Ads 360 bid strategies

About sharing Floodlight conversions with Google Ads for auction-time bidding

All of the Floodlight conversions in a return on investment (ROI) Search Ads 360 bid strategy that enables auction-time bidding are shared with Google Ads as a conversion action set with the same name as the Search Ads 360 bid strategy. 

The Floodlight conversions are reported, along with Google Ads conversion actions, in the "All conversions" and "Conversions" columns.

Note that other Google Ads columns such as "All conversions value" and "Cost/All conversions" that are based on the "All conversions" or "Conversions" metrics will also include Floodlight conversions.

Which campaigns receive shared Floodlight data? 

All Google Ads campaigns managed by a Search Ads 360 advertiser receive the bid strategy's Floodlight conversion data in Google Ads. This means that every Google Ads account and every Google Ads campaign that is managed in a Search Ads 360 advertiser includes the bid strategy's Floodlight data. 
Within an account, the Floodlight conversion data is reported in the Google Ads "All conversions" and "Conversions" columns of every campaign in an account, even if the campaign isn't managed by a Search Ads 360 bid strategy. 
Shopping campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns also include Floodlight conversions in the "All conversions" column,  even though the Floodlight conversions aren't used for auction-time bidding in the campaigns.
Sharing Floodlight data with every Google Ads campaign in an advertiser allows Google to learn from more data and set better bids.

How Google Ads uses conversion data

Google Ads uses aggregated conversion event data for the overall benefit of advertisers. For example, Google Ads Smart Bidding relies on aggregated advertiser conversion event data to improve overall quality and accuracy. Use of Search Ads 360 auction-time bidding will share Floodlight conversions to Google Ads.
Google may also publish conversion event statistics aggregated across many advertisers as a resource for the overall benefit of advertisers.
Learn more about how Google Ads uses conversion data in the Google Ads Help Center.  

Floodlight conversion action sets in manager accounts

Any Google Ads manager account that is directly linked to a Google Ads account includes a Floodlight conversion action set if:

  • Auction-time bidding is enabled in a Search Ads 360 bid strategy that manages bidding in campaigns of the directly-linked Google Ads account.
  • The manager account accepts the Floodlight conversions. Learn more about how an administrator accepts the conversions later in this article.

The conversion action set is shown on the Conversion actions page in Google Ads.


Manager accounts are required to accept shared Floodlight conversions

An administrative owner of each manager account that receives Floodlight conversions is required to accept the conversions from Search Ads 360. If the conversions are accepted, the manager account is linked to Search Ads 360.

If the link isn't accepted in the manager account, auction-time bidding won't be enabled in the Search Ads 360​ bid strategy.

Search Ads 360 will notify you if the conversions haven't been accepted.

If the link in Google Ads is removed, Search Ads 360 will continue to prompt the administrative owner to accept the conversions to continue using auction-time bidding. Note that the Floodlight conversions aren't removed from Google Ads. The Google Ads account and the directly linked manager account will continue to include the Floodlight conversion metrics as of the date Search Ads 360 was unlinked. In other words, the Floodlight data won't be updated beyond the date the manager account is unlinked.

Link a Google Ads manager account with Search Ads 360

You must have administrative owner access to link a Google Ads manager account to Search Ads 360.

Even though your Google Ads account is already linked with Search Ads 360, the manager account isn't automatically linked to Search Ads 360. You'll need to grant access/link each manager account to Search Ads 360 to receive Floodlight conversions and enable auction-time bidding to use Floodlight conversions in Google Ads. 

  1. In Search Ads 360, turn on auction-time bidding in an ROI bid strategy.
  2. Click Yes I understand to confirm that you want to share the bid strategy's Floodlight conversions with every Google Ads campaign in the advertiser.
  3. Sign in to your Google Ads manager account.
  4. Navigate to the Linked accounts page.
    1. In the upper right corner, click the Tools icon .
    2. Under Setup, click Linked accounts.
  5. On the Search Ads 360 card, click Details.
  6. Under Link requests, click Accept for each Search Ads 360 advertiser.


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