Create and manage pharmaceutical ads in Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads display URLs in pharmaceutical ads

Campaign setting for health-care related advertisers

Pharmaceutical advertisers now have two distinct options for displaying a landing page (or final) URL in text ads. You can include your company name in the display URL or you can choose one of 12 pre-defined descriptions (instead of a URL) of your website. The descriptions are available only in English and Spanish.

Learn more about Google's heathcare advertising policies in Google Ads Help.

Choose your ad display URL option in campaigns

You choose one of the ad display URL options when creating or editing a manual campaign (other campaign types aren't supported).

Display URL option section in the campaign settings editor

The default option, Show ad display URL, includes the display URL that is generated from the Path field specified in each ad's properties. When a user clicks on your ad, the final URL takes the user to a web page that includes your domain name. 

Here's an example of an ad that shows the ad's display URL:

Example of an ad that includes as an example of an ad display URL in a made up ad for diabetes medicine


If you want your ads to display a description of your website, choose one of the following options:

  • Prescription treatment website
  • Prescription device website
  • Medical device website
  • Preventative treatment website
  • Prescription contraception website
  • Prescription vaccine website
  • Sitio de tratamientos con receta
  • Sitio de dispositivos con receta
  • Sitio de dispositivos médicos
  • Sitio de tratamientos preventivos
  • Sitio de anticonceptivos con receta
  • Sitio de vacunas con receta 
The website descriptions are shown exactly as they will appear in your ads. The website descriptions aren't translated. That is, if your ad appears in French, the website description remains in English or Spanish.

Example of a made up pharmaceutical ad for diabetes medicine that includes "Prescription treatment website" as the website description link


Support with Search Ads 360 features

  • Campaign copy. You can copy pharmaceutical campaigns from one account to another and between pharmaceutical advertisers. Learn more.
  • Change history. Changes to the Display URL option are logged in Change history. Learn more.


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