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Drafts and experiments in Google Ads accounts

Drafts and experiments are Google Ads features that let you propose and test changes to your Search and Display campaigns. You can use drafts to prepare multiple changes to a campaign. From there, you can either apply your draft’s changes back to the original campaign or use your draft to create an experiment. Experiments help you measure your results to understand the impact of your changes before you apply them to a campaign.

Drafts and experiments cannot be created or edited from Search Ads 360.

If you create a draft in Google Ads, changes you make to the draft do not appear in Search Ads 360 until you apply the draft and sync in the change.

If you create an experiment in Google Ads and sync your account with Search Ads 360, the experiment will appear in Search Ads 360 as a new campaign. Note the following:

  • In Search Ads 360, experiments look like regular campaigns. Search Ads 360 reports on experiments just as it does with regular campaigns. 
  • If you've applied a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to the original campaign, the bid strategy will also be applied to the experiment by default (you can remove the Search Ads 360 bid strategy from the experiment without causing a trafficking error). The bid strategy initially uses the performance history of the original campaign to set bids for the experiment. As the experiment gains its own performance history, the bid strategy relies more heavily on the experiment's own performance and less on the performance of the original campaign.
  • The original campaign and the experiment use a shared budget. If a budget bid strategy is applied to the original campaign, you should remove the budget bid strategy before you create the experiment because budget bid strategies can't manage spend when the budget is shared.
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