Reporting for social campaigns

View a Campaign Manager Attribution report and include the Paid Social channel

  1. From the top menu bar in Search Ads 360, click Apps icon(apps icon) and select Reporting & Attribution.
  2. On the Reporting & Attribution page, click Attribution from the top navigation bar.
  3. Select a Floodlight configuration associated with a Search Ads 360 advertiser that contains social engine accounts.
  4. If the report's time range includes any social events, you'll see the Social channel in your reports. For example, in the attribution Overview, the Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer will include a Social checkbox:
    Attibution report with Search and Social channels
  5. Include the Social channel to see the number or percent of conversions attributed to your social engine accounts.
  6. By default, the Social channel includes data from all Google Marketing Platform social tracking features (such as Search Ads 360 social engines and tracking Twitter campaigns from Campaign Manager. To see separate attribution data for Search Ads 360 social engines, create a channel grouping that contains only data from a Search Ads 360 social engine. For example, the channel grouping below contains social ads from Search Ads 360 engine accounts whose names include the word "Facebook":
To adjust the lookback window or adjust the amount of conversion credit your Campaign Manager reports give to social ads, create a Campaign Manager custom attribution model.


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