Use a bulksheet to add and remove campaigns from budget groups

Budget management

If you want to add or remove a large number of campaigns from a budget group, you can make the changes in a bulksheet and then upload it into Search Ads 360.

You can't use a bulksheet to create budget groups or budget plans. They can be created only by using the Search Ads 360 user interface.
  1. Download an Editable columns (for re-upload) bulksheet that contains the campaigns that you want to include or remove in a budget group: 

    1. Navigate to an advertiser.
    2. Click the Campaigns tab.
    3. Optionally, use a filter to display just the campaigns that you want to update.

    4. Select the checkboxes next to the campaigns that you're going to add or remove from a budget group.

    5. Click the download icon  Download icon in the toolbar above the reporting table.

    6. In the "Columns" list, leave "Editable columns (for re-upload)" selected.

    7. In the "Include types" section, leave "Campaigns" selected.

    8. Click Download.

  2. Open the downloaded bulksheet and do the following:

    •  To add the campaign to a budget group, in the "Budget group" column, enter the name of a budget group.

    •  To remove a campaign from a budget group, remove the budget group name from the "Budget group" column.
  3. Upload the bulksheet.
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