Use Google Ads remarketing lists in Search Ads 360

About moving a Google Ads remarketing list to a different level

In a Google Ads campaign, remarketing targets can be applied only at the campaign or ad group level.

You should choose the level for each of your campaigns based on your business needs. Here are a few things to help you decide where to apply remarketing lists.

You can switch the level where your remarketing lists are applied at any time. But first, you'll need to remove the remarketing list from the current level, and then you can apply it to the new level.
  • Applied at the campaign level, remarketing targets are inherited by ad groups. Campaign-level remarketing targets simplify management and reporting because you only have to apply the remarketing list once and optionally set a bid adjustment. Remarketing lists must be applied to each ad group if not applied at the campaign level.

    You can still exclude members of remarketing lists from your advertising at the campaign and ad group level whether remarketing lists are applied at the campaign or ad group level.

    • Applied at the ad group level, remarketing lists and bid adjustments must be managed for each ad group. If you want to apply the same remarketing list to all ad groups in a campaign, you can instead apply the list to the campaign.
  • Applied at the ad group level, remarketing lists allow you more granular control over the audiences who see your ads because you can target ads and adjust bids per ad group.
  • Bid adjustments for campaign or ad group remarketing targets can be set or recommended by a conversion goal or a Search Ads 360 bid strategy
Multiple remarketing lists can be applied to campaigns and ad groups.

Overview of the steps to apply remarketing lists to a different level

If you have already applied remarketing lists to a campaign or ad groups, here's an overview of the steps to first remove remarketing lists from one level and then apply the list to a different level.

  1. Sync the account that contains the campaigns or ad groups.
  2. After the sync operation completes, pause the campaigns that you want to update.
  3. Remove all remarketing lists from the campaign or ad groups.
  4. Resume the updated campaigns.
  5. Apply the remarketing lists to the new level.
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