Welcome to the help center for Search Ads 360, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the Search Ads 360 product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

Create and manage social engine accounts

Schedule the delivery of social performance and engagement metrics

Use Mediaocean’s Report Center to generate a Facebook performance and engagement report for Search Ads 360

Here's an overview of the process for each social engine account you onboarded to Search Ads 360 (the details follow this overview):

  1. Create a report template for each social engine account.
    Search Ads 360 won't import metrics if a file contains data from more than one engine account.
  2. Set up a schedule that uses the template to generate a report and upload the results to the sFTP endpoint in Search Ads 360.

If you want to deliver social performance and engagement metrics to multiple social engine accounts in Search Ads 360, complete the steps above for each account.

Create a report template

  1. Sign into the Mediaocean Ad Manager, load your Search Ads 360-linked account, and navigate to the Report Center.

  2. From the top right corner of the Report Center view, scope the reporting view to “Stats: Yesterday”.

  3. From the top left corner, select the + button to create a new report template.

  4. Enter the following values in the report template:

    • Name: enter a name for the report. For example, Social performance report for Search Ads 360

    • Accounts: choose the Search Ads 360-linked account for performance import delivery

    • Report Type: Ad

    • Campaign Name Filtering: none

    • Report on Archived Objects: unchecked

    • Labels Filtering: none

    • Targeting Breakdown: Impression Device

    • Action Breakdown: none

    • Time Granularity: Daily

    • Fee: No Fee

    • Metrics:

      • Reporting Starts
      • Reporting Ends
      • Account ID
      • Campaign ID
      • Ad Set ID
      • Ad ID
      • Impressions
      • Impression Device
      • Inline Link Clicks
      • Amount Spent

      By default, dates in the Reporting Starts and Reporting Ends columns are in the correct format. If you edit the dates in the downloaded report or add more rows to the report use one of the following date formats:

      • yy-MM-dd
      • yyyy-MM-dd
      • MM/dd/yy
      • MM/dd/yyyy

    Search Ads 360 ignores the following data if you include it in the report:

    • Ad Name
    • Bid
    • Bid Type
    • Delivery
    • Device Platform
    • Placement
    • Platform

    No other metrics or data can be in the file.

    Column headers in the file are required to be in English. Search Ads 360 cannot process files if column headers are in other languages.

    See the screenshot below for a sample report template:
    Report template

  5. Click Create to create the report template.

  6. To validate that the report is set up correctly, click the Preview tab (bottom left-hand corner) and make sure that data is available.

    If data is not available, try increasing the Stats date range.

Set up a schedule

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler (bottom left corner) of the Mediaocean Report Center.
  2. Click the + button in the Scheduler pane.

  3. Enter the following values in the report schedule:

    • Name: enter a name for the report. For example, Scheduled social cost report for Search Ads 360

    • Status: Active

    • Date Range: Yesterday

    • Delivery Cadence: Daily

    • Delivery Time: 1 AM (default timezone)

    • Delivery Method: SFTP

    • Report Format: XLSX

    • SFTP Username: Enter the value from your Search Ads 360 sFTP endpoint

    • SFTP Password: Enter the value from your Search Ads 360 sFTP endpoint

    • Host: Enter the value from your Search Ads 360 sFTP endpoint

    • SFTP Port: Enter the value from your Search Ads 360 sFTP endpoint

    • SFTP Upload Directory: none

    See the screenshot below for a sample report schedule:
    Report schedule

  4. Test the connection by clicking Test SFTP Connection. If you don't see a success message, contact Search Ads 360 support.

  5. Click Create to schedule the report.

Because you set up a daily schedule, reporting data for the social account should appear in Search Ads 360 within 48 hours. If you don't see this data within 48 hours, contact Search Ads 360 support.


Search Ads 360 deduplicates overlapping uploads

If the uploaded metrics overlap, Search Ads 360 overrides the previously uploaded metrics with the most recent upload. For example:

  1. Every afternoon you upload metrics from today and yesterday.
    So Monday's upload contains all metrics from Sunday and metrics for Monday morning and afternoon.
  2. Tuesday's upload contains all metrics from Monday and partial metrics from Tuesday.
    Tuesday's upload will completely overwrite the partial data previously uploaded for Monday.


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