[ARTICLE] if_not_finite_number

Evaluates value. If value is not a finite number, the function evaluates alternate. Otherwise, the function returns value.

This function is mostly intended to handle metrics that return NaN (not a number) when the data isn't available, such as Avg_pos. However, you can also use the function to handle complex formulas that might return an infinite number.


if_not_finite_number(value, alternate)
value and alternate can be an expression, a number, or any Search Ads 360 variable that is a number.

You can nest this function to create an if/then/else evaluation.


  • Returns the "organic average position." If "organic average position" isn't available, Search Ads 360 reports NaN. In that case, the function returns "paid average position," or 0 if "paid average position" isn't available:
    if_not_finite_number(Organic_avg_pos, if_not_finite_number(Paid_avg_pos,0))

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