Set a conversion goal in a campaign

Set adaptive options with a conversion goal

This article describes how to set adaptive options by applying a conversion goal to a campaign. Adaptive options are also available if a Search Ads 360 bid strategy is applied to a campaign.
  1. Apply a conversion goal to a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaign.
  2. Under Adaptive settings, select any of the following check boxes:
    • Location targets 
    • Remarketing targets 
    • Product groups (available only for shopping campaigns)
  3. Optional. Under Bid adjustments, select any of the following bid adjustments if you enable the corresponding adaptive option:
    • Location target bid adjustments
    • Remarketing target bid adjustments
    We recommend that you also use the conversion goal to automatically set location target bid adjustments and remarketing target bid adjustments. Otherwise, you'll need to manually set the bid adjustments for adapted targets along with manually specified targets.
  4. If you want to be notified when new location targets or product groups are created, select the Notify me by email when entities are created check box and enter an email address.
  5. Click Save to close the campaign settings.


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