Replaces multiple values of an inventory attribute with a single value.


substitute_all(ATTRIBUTE, "to text", "from text", "from text 2", "from text 3")
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  • ATTRIBUTE: An inventory attribute such as ITEM_TITLE, ITEM_COLOR, or ITEM_BRAND.
    Learn more about referring to inventory attributes.
  • to text: The value that replaces the items.
  • from text: The values that you want to replace.


[substitute_all(ITEM_TITLE, "", "®", "Men's ", "Women's ")]
replaces the trademark symbol, Men's and a space, and Women's and a space in the title of an ad with blank.

The substitute_all function replaces the following nested functions:
[substitute(substitute(substitute(ITEM_TITLE, "®", ""), "Men's ", ""), "Women's ", "")]

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