URL parameter column

Applies to social ads and search ads on engines other than Google Ads
Displays the unique parameter generated by Search Ads 360 for remarketing lists for search ads and social ads. (Search Ads 360 also generates the parameter for remarketing lists for display ads even though display ads don't need a remarketing URL parameter.)

As part of setting up cross-channel remarketing, you sign into the social or search engine and create a remarketing list with a rule. The rule causes a remarketing tag to fire if a landing page URL contains a specific Search Ads 360 remarketing parameter.

When a customer clicks an ad associated with the Search Ads 360 remarketing list and is redirected to Search Ads 360, Search Ads 360 adds the ds_rl URL parameter to the landing page URL and appends this value. For example, if Search Ads 360 generated 1234 to uniquely identify users who clicked on an ad in a Search Ads 360 remarketing list, Search Ads 360 would add the following URL parameter to the landing page URL:

When the customer lands on the advertiser's site, the remarketing tag fires and the engine adds the customer to its remarketing list. Learn more about cross-channel remarketing in Search Ads 360.

View this column in a report
  1. Navigate to an advertiser.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Remarketing.

The column appears by default.

This column will contain a value only if the Destination column displays SEARCH or SOCIAL.
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