View account history

Download a change history report

  1. Navigate to an advertiser, account, campaign, ad group, bid strategy, or label to scope the report.

    Navigate to a campaign.

  2. Select a time range on or after May 21, 2016 in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the download icon  Download icon, which appears above the reporting table.
    The Download panel appears.

  4. Select the file format of the downloaded report: XLSX, XLS, Excel-compatible text (CSV), or Comma-separated text (CSV) file.
    You can download only the columns that are currently visible in the table.

  5. Optional. If you want to email the report instead of download it, click Email report.

  6. Click Download.
    The report includes all changes for the selected item and any items within that scope.

The time stamps reported in a Search Ads 360 change history report may be different than the time stamps reported in a downloaded change history report. The time stamps shown in Search Ads 360 are reported in your browser's time zone setting. The time stamps in a downloaded change history report are converted to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

For example, if your browser is set to Central European Time (GMT +1) and Search Ads 360 shows a 9:35 AM time stamp for one of your changes, the time stamp will be reported as 8:35 AM (GMT) in a downloaded change history report.

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