Best practices for setting up Search Ads 360 Smart Bidding strategies

FAQ: Bid strategy opportunities

Search Ads 360 bid strategies

Why aren't all of my campaigns recommended for a Search Ads 360 bid strategy?

A campaign isn't included in bid strategy recommendations if the campaign, or any keyword or ad group within the campaign, is already managed by a bid strategy.

Note that you may have other campaigns that could also see some benefit from a bid strategy, but the recommendations will only show campaigns that are likely to see a significant benefit.


Why does Search Ads 360 recommend the current ROI for the initial bid strategy target?

Using the current ROI as the initial target makes it easy to compare campaign performance before and after applying a bid strategy.

Once you've established a baseline performance, use a bid strategy forecast to model performance with different ROI targets. For example, after a bid strategy has been managing a campaign for a couple of weeks, you'll be able to see how increasing or decreasing your CPA, ERS, or ROAS target may impact your cost and conversions. You may find that it’s possible to achieve many more conversions with only a slight increase in spend, or you may find that increasing spend won't lead to significantly more conversions.  


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