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Manage Microsoft Advertising sitelinks

About Microsoft Advertising sitelinks in Search Ads 360

Sitelinks are additional links in your ads that take customers to specific pages on your website. They help you update and refresh seasonal and limited promotions: you can change sitelinks as often as you like to make your ads more timely for your current sales and marketing efforts.

You can apply, through inheritance or direct application, up to 20 sitelink extensions to one or more campaigns or ad groups. Microsoft Advertising determines when to show sitelinks within an ad based on device, relevance, and the order in which you create the sitelink extensions. Learn more about sitelink extensions in Microsoft Advertising Help.

Once you create a sitelink extension, you can't use Search Ads 360 to completely remove it from your Microsoft Advertising account. Instead, you can sign into Microsoft Advertising and remove the extension. From Search Ads 360 you can edit or remove or unapply the extension from campaigns and ad groups. The unapplied extension will remain in your account but will no longer appear in your ads. You can apply it to campaigns or ad groups again at a later time or leave it unused.

Sitelinks are inherited or applied to campaigns and ad groups

Here're a few things to know about sitelink inheritance:

  • Microsoft Advertising sitelinks are created at the account level. This enables you to manage and edit your sitelinks in one place and specify where you want the the sitelinks to display. 
  • Even though all of the account's sitelinks are available at the account level, only the sitelinks that are set up to be inherited from the account are referred to as account-level sitelinks.
  • Sitelinks appear in ads because they are inherited by campaigns and ad groups or because the sitelinks are directly applied to the campaigns or ad groups.
  • Account-level sitelinks are automatically inherited if sitelinks aren’t directly applied to a campaign or ad group. If a sitelink is configured for inheritance, campaigns inherit the sitelink from the account. Ad groups inherit sitelinks from the campaign, regardless of the account-level setting.
  • You can apply a sitelink to a campaign or ad group to override inherited sitelinks or as another way to display different sitelinks in a campaign or ad group.
  • A campaign stops inheriting account-level sitelinks if you apply a sitelink directly to the campaign. The same is true for ad groups. If you apply a sitelink directly to an ad group, it stops inheriting sitelinks from the campaign.

Ready to get started?

  1. Create sitelink extensions:

  2. Report on performance. 
    Note that performance data is available for each individual sitelink extension and for the  pre-migration sitelink extension bundles.

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