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Show cross-device lift

This collection of formula columns report the percentage of uplift in conversion counts when you include cross-environment conversions in your calculations. For example, scope to an advertiser and add the columns to the Campaigns tab. You can then see which campaigns have the most conversions that start on one device and end on another.

Formula name Formula Description
Global orders c:"Orders" A Floodlight column that reports on a Floodlight activity named "Orders". Does not include cross-device conversions.
Global orders Xdevice c:"OrdersXdevice"  Reports on the same "Orders" Floodlight activity, but includes cross-device conversions.
XDevice Uplift To_percent(  (c:"Global Orders Xdevice"/c:"Global Orders")-1) The ratio of non-cross device conversions to cross-device conversions for the same Floodlight activity.


If you scoped to an advertiser and added these columns to the Campaigns tab, you'd see something like the following:

c:"Global orders" c:"Global orders Xdevice"  c:"XDevice Uplift
23,282 24,727.4 6.25%
6,637 7,008.9 5.6%
3,458 3,590.3 1.20%
2,483 2,530 1.91%


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