25 April 2016: New DoubleClick Search features


Manage campaigns

Copy campaigns within an engine account and update campaign status

The campaign copy process has been expanded and updated to enable you to copy campaigns within the same engine account and to update the status of campaigns, ad groups or keywords.

  • Copy campaigns in an engine account: You can now copy campaigns within an engine account. This enables you to use one campaign as a template for other campaigns that you can edit to target different geographies or keyword match types, and saves you the effort of manually reentering the data for each campaign.

    Prior to this release, you could only copy AdWords campaigns to other engine accounts. Learn more.

  • Update campaign status: If you change the status of campaigns, ad groups, or keywords that have been copied to other engine accounts or within an engine account, you can use the copy process to update the status of the items in the destination engine account.

    In addition to the campaign status, you can also update the following settings:

    • Campaign budget
    • Keyword max CPC
    • Keyword landing page URLs

    Learn more.

Measure results

Easier to find exact-match keywords that match search queries

The search terms report displays the search terms that match your keywords and product groups, and trigger ads to appear. You can use the report to see how much the search terms differ from your broad- or phrase-match keywords, and then add exact-match keywords to better match customer intent.

In some cases, you may already have exact-match keywords elsewhere in your account, and the Exact keyword matches column has been added to the search terms report to help you find them. Other columns have been added, such as Exact keyword matches (Campaign), to help you write rules or filters that find the exact-match keywords.

Learn more.


Renamed AdWords conversion columns

If you've set up AdWords Conversion Tracking, you can add AdWords conversion data to reports in DoubleClick Search (DS). AdWords changed the name of two of its reporting metrics ("Conversions 1-per-click" and "Conversions many-per-click), and DS has renamed the following reporting metrics in response:

The names of these metrics in formula columns have also been updated, though the old names are still recognized.

Optimize bids

Bid strategy button moved to the Edit menu

To override or apply a bid strategy to keywords or product groups, use the Change bid strategy command on the Edit menu. You can change the bid strategy for one or many keywords or product groups in bulk.

Former Bid strategy button circled with arrow pointing to new command on the Edit menu

Prior to this release, the bid strategy button was available above the reporting table.

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