Exact negative keyword exists (Account) column

Appears in the search terms report. Contains Yes if the campaign or any ad group in the engine account contains an exact-match negative keyword for the search terms in the Search query column.  

Note that the exact-match negative keyword may not be the same keyword that's listed in the Keyword column. For example, the current row may show metrics for an exact match keyword in the current ad group, while some other ad group contains an exact-match negative keyword.

Available only at the campaign and ad group level. In a Google Ads campaign or ad group, the column appears only after you segment by keyword.

Add this column to a report
  1. Navigate to an engine account, campaign or ad group.
  2. Click the Keywords tab and select Search terms.
  3. In a Google Ads account, navigate to a campaign or ad group. Then click the View keywords button that appears above the reporting table.
  4. If the column isn't already in the reporting table:
    1. Click the Columns button above the performance summary graph.

    2. In the Search for columns box, type the column name  and press the Enter key.

    3. Click + next to the column name in the Available columns list.

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