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Use your business data to manage campaigns

Upload business data using bulksheets

Once your business data tables are defined, you can use a bulksheet to add new business data or edit existing business data. The overall process for adding or editing business data is as follows (the details are in the sections below):

  1. Download an editable bulksheet that contains business data tables.

  2. In the downloaded bulksheet, add or edit business data.
  3. Upload the bulksheet.

Tip: You can also use a single bulksheet to both add business data and apply it to campaigns, ad groups, and other items in Search Ads 360. Because it's more complicated to create and apply data in a single bulksheet, you may want to successfully upload business data on its own before you try applying in the same bulksheet.

Download a bulksheet with business data tables

  1. Navigate to an advertiser.
    Steps for navigating to an advertiser
    1. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    2. In the "Agency" list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    3. In the "Advertiser" list, click on the advertiser.

    4. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    Search Ads 360 displays the advertiser page, which contains data for all of the advertiser’s engine accounts.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Business data.
  3. Click the download icon  , which appears above the reporting table and make the following selections in the download panel:
    • Scope: Current scope
    • Columns: Editable columns (for re-upload)
    • Include tables: Select one or more tables to download.
      To select a table, click >> in the All tables list.
  4. Click Download.

    Search Ads 360 generates the report and either downloads the file to your browser's download directory or sends an email, depending on the delivery option you selected.

The downloaded bulksheet contains the following for each business data table you selected on the Search Ads 360 download page:

  • One bulksheet column for each business data column.
  • All of the rows that have already been defined for the business data tables.
    If all of the tables you selected are empty, you'll see one empty row.

Add or edit rows in the tables

To add new business data:

  1. Add a row to the bulksheet.

  2. In the Row type column, enter c:table_name, where table_name is the name of the business data table to which you’re the adding row.

  3. In the Action column, enter create.

  4. Enter information in all of the business data columns.

To edit existing business data in a row, leave the Action column set to edit, and change information in any of the business data columns. To remove existing business data in a row, enter remove_content in the column.

Bulksheet columns for adding or editing business data

  • c:table_name.ID: Specifies an ID for the business data, where table_name is the name of an existing business data table. The ID is used to uniquely identify each row, and to apply that row's business data to accounts, campaigns, and other items in Search Ads 360. An ID can be any string of text you’d like.
  • c:table_name.column_name: Specifies the name of a column in a business data table, where table_name is the name of an existing business data table, and column_name is the name of a column in the table.

    Within a given business data table, all columns are required. For example, if you're adding a row to a Location business data table, you'll need to enter values in all of the c:Location.column_name columns.


Here’s an example bulksheet that uploads business data for two linked tables, Location and Hotel. For the sake of brevity, the example table below only shows some of the business data columns that were discussed in earlier examples. Note that to link a hotel to a location, specify a location ID in the hotel row.










Boston: Back Bay







New York: Chelsea


New York





Boston: Back Bay







New York: Chelsea



Rest Eazy




New York: Chelsea



Harbor View


Removing business data not supported

Once you add and upload a row to a business data table, you cannot remove it. Instead, you can detach the business data from items in Search Ads 360 and the data will no longer be used. 

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