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Use your business data to manage campaigns

Retail: Business data example

Report on specific departments or product categories

Retail advertisers may create separate campaigns or ad groups for each product they promote. This can make it difficult to see how each product contributes to the overall performance of a department within a store or how product categories contribute to a department.

Business data help you see how campaigns across an advertiser contribute to the performance of departments or product categories. Here's an example report that uses business data to organize performance metrics:

How to set up business data to report on departments

For maximum flexibility, create separate business data tables for retail departments and product categories. (As you'll see later, this enables you to apply business data at the appropriate level of granularity).

Start by creating a table named "Department":
Create a business data table

Next, create another table named "Retail Category." Then add a column that refers to a department in the Department table:
Create a business data table with multiple columns

Add business data rows

After creating tables, add business data rows to each table. For example, add departments to the Department table. When you're done, the Department table will look like this:
Rows in a business data table

Then add product categories to the Retail Category table (and select a department for each row from the Department table). When you're done, the Retail Category table will look like this:
Rows in a business data table

Apply business data and view reports

Apply rows in the Retail Category table to campaigns or ad groups that promote products in specific retail categories. For example, apply the Tablets business data row to ad groups that promote tablets.

If you have campaigns or ad groups that promote products that aren't assigned to a specific category, apply rows in the "Department" table to those campaigns or ad groups. For example, apply the Electronics business data row to ad groups that promote batteries or miscellaneous accessories.

After applying data, view reports:

  • View "Department.ID" on the Dimensions tab to see performance data for each department
  • View "Retail Category.ID" on the Dimensions tab and segment by "Department.ID" to see performance for each product category, with additional detail on how each department performs. In the example below, the campaigns for the miscellaneous electronics generated 5,500 clicks, campaigns for miscellaneous home goods generated 10,000 clicks, while the campaigns specifically for tablets generated 9,000 clicks, and so on.


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