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Manage Google Ads custom URL parameters

Use bulksheets to create and add custom parameters

  1. Navigate to an advertiser or lower scope, such as a Google Ads engine account.

  2. Click any of the following tabs:

  3. Optionally use a filter to display only the items for which you want to add, edit, or remove custom parameters.
    Note that custom parameters are available only in Google Ads accounts. Search Ads 360 will ignore any custom parameters you try adding in other types of accounts.

  4. Click the download icon   and download an editable bulksheet.
    The downloaded bulksheet contains:

    • One row for each item that was in scope when you clicked the download icon  .

    • Columns for editing each item's settings, including the Custom parameter column.

  5. Open the downloaded bulksheet. and do the following in each row:

    1. Leave the Action column set to edit.

    2. In the Custom parameter column, do one of the following:

      • To create a new custom parameter, enter properties for custom parameters.

        Separate multiple parameters with a ; (semicolon).
        For example:
        {_geo} = MA; {_2ndparam} = lots-of-data

      • To edit an existing custom parameter, change the custom parameter properties.

      • To remove a custom parameter that has been applied to the item (as opposed to inherited), enter remove_content.

    3. To use the custom parameter, add a URL parameter in the URL template column (not applicable for product groups or dynamic ad targets) or Landing page column and specify the custom parameter as its value.

      For example, if you added a custom parameter named {_geo}, edit the URL template column as follows:

  6. Save the bulksheet and upload it back into Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360 applies the templates and then re-generates and re-traffics the clickserver URLs for the items you updated.


The following bulksheet creates and applies the {_geo} and {_color} custom parameters to two separate campaigns. Each campaign specifies its own value for the parameters. Google Ads will apply the custom parameters to all landing page URLs in the campaigns.

Row type Action Campaign Custom parameter URL template
campaign edit Lettuce {_geo} = MA; {_color} = green {unescapedlpurl}?g={_geo}&c={_color}
campaign edit Cabbage {_geo} = CT; {_color} = red {unescapedlpurl}?g={_geo}&c={_color}


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