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Report on Google Ads call extensions and call-only ads

Use the Call metrics report to report on clicks-to-call and phone calls that resulted from the Google forwarding number from call extensions and call-only ads. The report includes information about the number of phone calls received and the average duration of the calls at the selected scope.

Phone call metrics aren’t tracked if you use your business number in call-only ads.

To report stats for clicks on ads with call extensions, see the Search Ads 360 Help article, Report on Google Ads call extensions.


  1. Navigate to a Google Ads engine account, campaign, or ad group.
  2. Click the More▼ tab,  and then click Call metrics.

    The Call metrics report includes the Phone calls column and the Average call duration(s) column.

  3. Optional. Segment the report to drill deeper into call metrics.

    1. Above the performance summary graph, click Segment.
    2. Click +Segment and then select a segment.

      Call segments include the following:

      You can further segment a call metrics report using certain segment combinations. For example, you can apply call and date segments to a report. You can’t apply two call segments, or apply a call segment and a time segment.
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