Experiment with ad copy

Is significant column (ad copy tests)

The Is significant column displays one of the following test results:

  • Undetermined indicates that the ad group has not yet reached the minimum number of impressions.
  • Significant indicates that that ad group has reached the minimum number of impressions and that there is a statistical difference in ad performance.
  • No indicates that ad group has reached the minimum number of impressions and that there isn't a significant difference in ad performance. The ads performed about the same.
  • Dashes (---) indicate that one or more of the ads don't have any data.

This column is displayed by default on the ad copy test list page.

Add this column in a report
  1. Navigate to an advertiser.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Ad copy tests.

  3. Click a test to display the results.
  4. Click the Columns button above the reporting table.
  5. In the Search box, type the column name.
  6. Click + next to the column name and then click Apply.
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