Create and apply URL templates

Create URL templates in upgraded inventory campaigns

Upgraded inventory management uses data about products in a Google Merchant Center inventory feed to generate campaigns, ads groups, ads, and keywords. Search Ads 360 monitors the feed and updates the campaign as your inventory changes.

You can create URL templates in campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword templates.

Note that Search Ads 360 may automatically remove the generated campaigns and other items as inventory levels change. Any URL templates you created for these generated items will be removed as well.

To create URL templates in an inventory plan:

  1. Start editing a campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword template. 
  2. Navigate to the template's Campaign settings, Ad group settings, Ad settings, or Keyword settings page.
  3. If you're on the Keyword settings page, click + Columns just above the table and select URL template.
  4. In the URL template field, add or edit a URL template.
  5. Click Save.

The next time Search Ads 360 uses the inventory template to generate a new campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword, Search Ads 360 traffics the URL template to the engine and the engine applies the template when it serves ads.

Search Ads 360 does not traffic the URL template for items that have already been generated. For example, if you add a URL template to a campaign template, Search Ads 360 does not copy the URL template into campaigns that have already been generated. Only newly generated campaigns will contain the URL template.

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