Trans avg lag (in sec) column

Displays the average number of seconds between customers clicking ads and triggering a Floodlight transaction activity.

Data for this column is available as far back as March 01, 2015. If a report's time range starts before this date, the average lag reported by this column won't include all actions in the report.

The time of a click is reported by the engine, and the time at which a Floodlight tag fires is reported by Search Ads 360. If the engine account and your Search Ads 360 advertiser use different time zones, Search Ads 360 converts to the engine account's time zone before determining the lag.


Add this column to a report
  1. Navigate to any reporting table, such as a keywords reporting table.

  2. Select a time range.

  3. If the column isn't already in the reporting table:

    1. Click the Columns button above the performance summary graph.

    2. In the "Search for columns" box, type the column name.

    3. Click + next to the column name in the "Available columns" list.

  4. Click Apply.


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