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Best practices for using Google Analytics data in Search Ads 360

After you link Google Analytics and Search Ads 360, Google Analytics starts sending data to Search Ads 360. Here are some best practices for using Google Analytics data in Search Ads 360.

Leverage your existing Google Analytics conversion data

Leverage your existing GA conversion data by creating a bid strategy that optimizes GA conversions.

Often implementing new conversion tags can take several days due to the fact you need to rely on IT teams. This solution allows you to make use of your already in page GA tags to optimize campaigns and report on them.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • Transfer to Universal Analytics for Pages/Screens per visit and Duration goal types: If you want to include Pages/Screens per visit or Duration goal types in your bid strategies, you'll first need to transfer your Google Analytics properties to Universal Analytics. Complete step 1 in this guide to make the transfer.
  • Wait at least three weeks after profile association: Search Ads 360 will start collecting Google Analytics data when you associate the profile. Search Ads 360 won’t have data before this because Google Analytics can’t attribute conversions to Search Ads 360 visits for the old data. Therefore, to ensure Search Ads 360 has enough data to fully optimize on the biddable items, please wait at least three weeks after the profile association before using bid strategies.
  • Don’t switch profiles: Search Ads 360 does not currently support multiple Google Analytics profiles. Therefore, if you’re using bid strategies, please don’t switch profiles.

Use Google Analytics data for remarketing

Use Google Analytics data and remarketing lists: Retarget users based on average quality perfomance data to improve Display & Video 360 and GDN display campaign ROI and brand awareness goals.

Collaborate with the Display performance team in your company on how to leverage GA data for Remarketing on Display:

  • Remarketing lists based on keywords that bring new visitors
  • Remarketing lists based on keywords that bring returning visitors
  • Remarketing lists based on keywords that bring visitors spending more time on page

Use Google Analytics data with automated rules

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