Scans in-string and replaces any of the following characters with replacement-string:

  • ! @ % ^ * () = {} ; ~ ` <> ? \ | Google Ads does not support these characters in keywords.
  • + " [ ] - These characters are match-type modifiers.

This function can be used only in inventory templates in manual campaigns. Templates in upgraded inventory management use a different set of functions.


CLEAN_KEYWORD(in-string, replacement-string)
Specify the function name in upper case: CLEAN_KEYWORD


  • in-string: An inventory attribute such as BRAND, or a static string surrounded by quotes such as "Shoes".
    Specify standard attributes in upper case; use the Search Ads 360 UI for guidance on specifying custom attributes.
  • replacement-string: A static string surrounded by quotes such as " " (you could also specify an inventory attribute).


  • [TRIM(CLEAN_KEYWORD(PRODUCT_ID, " "))] applies the function to the product ID returned from the inventory feed. For example, if the product ID is "Bolt (10x)", the function returns Bolt 10x.
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