Specify targeting for Yahoo! Japan via bulkseet

In Yahoo! Japan, you can specify location targets in campaigns, and ad groups always inherit these targets. Yahoo! Japan doesn’t support device type (tablet and desktop) targeting,  but you can target mobile devices by setting mobile bid modifiers at the campaign and ad group levels.

How to update campaigns and ad groups via bulksheet

The general process for updating campaigns and ad groups via bulksheet is as follows:

  1. Download an editable report that contains the campaigns and ad groups you want to update.

  2. Change the values in the bulksheet columns. See details and examples in the sections below.

  3. Upload the bulksheet back into Search Ads 360.

If you download a bulksheet that contains campaigns and ad groups in different types of engine accounts, you may see columns that don’t apply to all of the ad groups. For example, if you download a bulksheet that contains ad groups from both Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! Japan, the bulksheet will include the Country, Region, Metro, and City columns, which apply to Microsoft Advertising ad groups but not to the Yahoo! Japan ad groups. Search Ads 360 will ignore any settings you add to these columns for a Yahoo! Japan ad group.

Columns for location targets

The following bulksheet columns specify location targets for Yahoo! Japan campaigns:

  • Region
  • Metro
  • Excluded region
  • Excluded metro

You can change the value in these columns to the following:

  • empty
    When you edit an existing campaign and leave a column empty, Search Ads 360 keeps the current setting as is (that is, an empty value means “do not change”). When you create a new campaign and leave these columns empty, the campaign targets all locations, which is the Yahoo! Japan default.

  • A list of Japanese prefecture (province) codes in the Region or Excluded region column or subprefecture codes in the Metro or Excluded metro column, each separated by a | (vertical bar).

    For example:

    • To show your ads only in the Tokyo and Kyoto prefectures, specify JP-13 | JP-26 in the Region column. (These are the same province codes that Google Ads supports.)

    • To target the Akkeshi, Hokkaido subprefecture, specify JP-01-0002 in the Metro column. Yahoo! Japan defines the codes that you use to specify subprefectures.

    • To target all of Hokkaido except for the Otaru, Hokkaido subprefecture:

      • Specify JP-01 in the Region column.

      • Specify JP-01-0049 in the Excluded metro column.

    Region Metro Excluded metro
    JP-13 | JP-26 | JP-01 JP-01-0002 JP-01-0049
    Subprefectures and excluded locations are not listed in the Search Ads 360 UI. Instead, the Targeting section (in campaign settings) displays a message that lists the names of the targeted prefectures and the number of non-managed targeted locations. From the preceding examples, the message would be: Locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido (also targets 2 non-managed locations). The number includes subprefectures and excluded locations.
  • remove_content
    Removes any previously specified geo codes from the column. For example, if you specify remove_content in the Region column, the campaign no longer targets prefectures. If you remove the geo codes from both location columns, the campaign returns the Yahoo! Japan default setting of targeting all locations.

  • (inherited)
    For Yahoo! Japan ad groups only. Because Yahoo! Japan ad groups always inherit location targeting, the columns are read-only and always display (inherited).

Effective columns

The following bulksheet columns are read-only. They’re included in a bulksheet for consistency but aren’t relevant at the Yahoo! Japan campaign level. They always display the current targeting settings for the campaign. At the ad group level, the columns display the current targeting setting that the ad group is inheriting from the campaign:

  • Effective region
  • Effective metro
  • Effective excluded region
  • Effective excluded metro

Device targets

The following bulksheet column specifies the bid adjustment for mobile devices: 

  • Mobile bid adjustment %

To set a mobile bid adjustment, enter a percentage to increase or decrease mobile bids: 

  • To increase bids on mobile devices, enter a percentage of up to 300%.
  • To decrease bids on mobile devices, enter a negative percentage,  to -100% (excluding -91% to -99%). 

The column doesn't display (inherited) if the ad group is inheriting the setting from the campaign.


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