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Use Google Ads remarketing lists in Search Ads 360

About Google Ads remarketing targets in a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

When you apply a remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) to a Google Ads campaign or ad group, it becomes a remarketing target that enables you to display relevant ads to customers who have previously visited your site. To reach these customers, you can set a bid adjustment, ranging from -90% to +900%, relative to the keyword bids for the ad group.

Rather than setting the bid adjustment for a remarketing target, you can let Search Ads 360 use a bid strategy's goal to set or recommend the adjustment based on the historical performance of all the remarketing targets in a campaign or ad group. 

In new custom Floodlight columns, bid strategies, and conversion goals, cross-environment activity is automatically considered when setting or recommending device (mobile, desktop, and tablet), remarketing target, and location target bid adjustments, unless you choose not to include the cross-environment conversions. 
A Search Ads 360 bid strategy can access historical performance (conversion stats) from your Google Ads remarketing targets in Search Ads 360 only if auto-tagging is enabled for your Google Ads accounts. Search Ads 360 receives conversion stats from the day auto-tagging is enabled. If auto-tagging was enabled before you applied the remarketing list in Search Ads 360, Search Ads 360 can use the past 90 days of conversion stats.

ROI bid strategies optimize remarketing target bid adjustments

Search Ads 360 bid strategies with a conversion, revenue, or advanced targeting goal can optimize bid adjustments for remarketing targets when applied to a portfolio of campaigns and ad groups. As with all bid strategies, Search Ads 360 looks at the performance of all the biddable items and remarketing targets in the strategy to optimize to the selected goal. Then, Search Ads 360 applies or recommends a remarketing target bid adjustment.

A remarketing list that is applied to a campaign can be used to target or exclude ads (negative remarketing). 

A remarketing target that excludes members of a remarketing list from receiving ads is not included in bid strategy calculations because bidding for negative remarketing targets doesn't occur.

Bid strategy conversion sources and remarketing target reporting

Search Ads 360 can adjust bids for Google Ads remarketing targets to maximize Floodlight conversions, Google Ads conversions, or Google Analytics conversions. Search Ads 360 can't attribute Google Analytics conversions to Google Ads remarketing targets. (When you report on remarketing targets, you can't add columns from Google Analytics.) Google Analytics conversions are still counted, but they appear in reports at the keyword, ad, ad group, or campaign level or higher.

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