Create a specific type of bid strategy

Specify a goal

Beginning September 25, 2019, advanced targeting is no longer available when creating a new bid strategy. Existing bid strategies with advanced targeting are not affected by this change.

In the Goal section of the Search Ads 360 bid strategy editor:

  1. Name the Search Ads 360 bid strategy.
  2. Select a currency for the bid strategy.
  3. Select the Advanced targeting goal.
  4. Optional: In the Bid adjustments section, select any of the following check boxes if you want the bid strategy to automatically set bid adjustments.
    Don't select the check box if you want the bid strategy to only recommend bid adjustments and you want to manually set them.

    • (Applicable to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan) Device bid adjustments
    • (Applicable to Google Ads only) Remarketing target bid adjustments   
    • (Applicable to Google Ads only) Location target bid adjustments 
  5. Click Next.
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