What happens if I have multiple final URLs for a Google Ads keyword?

Typically you create only one final URL for each keyword in a Google Ads engine account. However,  to provide maximum flexibility Google Ads enables you to create multiple final URLs from a Google Ads bulksheet, Google Ads Editor, or the Google Ads API. For example, you may need to create multiple final URLs if you're using a third-party service to conduct landing page tests. The third-party service uses its own logic to determine which final URL to use each time an ad is clicked.

You cannot create or manage multiple final URLs from Search Ads 360.

If you create multiple final URLs for a keyword, when you sync the change into Search Ads 360, Search Ads 360 updates the keyword's landing page URL with the first final URL you defined. After the sync, your Search Ads 360 landing page URL will match the first Google Ads final URL. The keyword's other final URLs will be visible in Google Ads, but not in Search Ads 360. You can manage the other final URLs only in Google Ads.

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