Data differences

Why don't I see any data for conversions and visits for my Google Ads engine account?

For Search Ads 360 to report conversions and visits data for certain Google Ads features, you are required to enable auto-tagging in Google Ads. Auto-tagging enables Search Ads 360 to display metrics for reports segmented by click type, Google Ads remarketing lists, and Google Ads location targets. Learn more about auto-tagging in Google Ads Help.

Search Ads 360 reports conversion and visit stats from the day auto-tagging is enabled. If auto tagging was enabled before you set up the Google Ads feature in Search Ads 360, Search Ads 360 can report the conversion and visit stats from the previous 90 days.

Auto-tagging is turned off by default. To verify that auto-tagging is on, in Google Ads, click the settings icon , and then click Account settings. On the Preferences page, see the Tracking section.

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