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Experiment with ad copy

Rating column (ad copy tests)

Displays a rating icon for each ad in an ad copy test. The ratings indicate how an ad performed relative to other ads in the ad copy test. The ratings are derived by comparing each ad's performance toward the selected goal against the performance of the other ads.

Rating icon Description
Up arrow indicates a good ad rating An Up arrow indicates the ad performed better than other ads towards the specified goal.
Down arrow indicates poor ad rating A Down arrow indicates that the ad didn't perform better than other ads towards the specified goal.
Rating undecided or indeterminate An Undecided icon indicates that data is not yet available, or the ad didn't perform statistically better or worse than other ads towards the specified goal.


View this column in a report
  1. Navigate to an advertiser.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Ad copy tests.

  3. Click a test to display the results.

    The column is displayed by default.

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