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Adjust device bids with a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

Use Floodlight cross-environment conversions in a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

  1. Start creating or editing a Search Ads 360 bid strategy.
  2. In the Goal step, select or change the options that you want.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Target step, select the options that you want.

    The options differ based on the bid strategy goal.

  5. Under conversion source, click the arrow ▼ and select Floodlight.
  6. Select an attribution model from the Attribution model list.
  7.  If you're editing a bid strategy, select the Cross-environment conversions check box. 
    In new custom Floodlight columns, Search Ads 360 bid strategies, and conversion goals, the check box is selected by default.
  8. Select all Floodlight actions, all Floodlight transactions, or the specific Floodlight tags that you want to the bid strategy to use as conversions.
  9. Finish creating the bid strategy by specifying constraints and advanced configuration settings.

  10. Apply the bid strategy to a campaign or ad group.

    Bid adjustments or recommendations  are available only when you apply a bid strategy to a campaign or ad group.

Report on the conversions you're optimizing

If you want to report on the cross-environment conversions that you've set up for the bid strategy to optimize, create a new cross-environment reporting column.  

In new custom Floodlight columns, bid strategies, and conversion goals, cross-environment activity is automatically considered when setting or recommending device (mobile, desktop, and tablet), remarketing target, and location target bid adjustments, unless you choose not to include the cross-environment conversions. 

For example, if you chose specific Floodlight activities, create a Floodlight column that contains those activities and leave the "Cross-environment conversions" check box selected.

After you create the cross-environment column, add it to an ad group or higher level report. Cross-environment metrics are also available for keywords or product groups in bid strategy reports.

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