Search terms report

Add search terms to keyword campaigns

If you see a query that you think will perform better with a higher bid and you’re not already bidding on it, you can add it to any campaign:

  1. If you're harvesting keywords for a Google Ads engine account:

    If you're harvesting keywords for other types of engine accounts:

    1. Navigate to the account or lower scope.

    2. View the search terms report.

    3. Click the View keywords button that appears above the reporting table.
      Search Ads 360 segments the report by keyword, ad group, and campaign.

    4. Navigate to a campaign or ad group.

    5. View the search terms report.

    6. You don't need to segment by keywords, but it is recommended that you add the campaign and ad group segments.

  2. Select up to 100 queries you want to match with new keywords or block with new negative keywords.

  3. Click one of the following buttons:

    • Add keywords: opens an editor for creating keywords

    • Add ad group negative keywords: opens an editor for creating negative keywords at the ad group level

    • Add campaign negative keywords: opens an editor for creating negative keywords at the campaign level

  4. Edit any of the columns in the editor. You can add new rows to create variations of the new keywords.

  5. When you're done, click Save.

Search Ads 360 creates the keywords in the ad groups and campaigns you specified.

You can only add up to 100 keywords at a time.

To add more than 100, repeat these steps for each 50 keywords you want to add. For example:

  1. Select 100 queries.
  2. Select Add keywords and edit columns.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Then select the next 100 queries and do the same.

Empty columns

Note that columns in the editor may be empty under the following conditions:

  • If you don't select a search query, the editor will be completely empty.

  • If you don't segment the search terms report by campaign and ad group, the Campaign and Ad group columns in the editor will be empty, unless you're scoped to a specific campaign or ad group.

Be sure to fill in any columns that are empty before you click Save.

Add more columns to the keyword editor

By default, the keyword editor displays the basic columns typically needed to create keywords. If you want add more information while creating the keywords--for example, specify labels, URL template, or bid strategy--click + Columns just above the table and change the columns that are displayed.

See more tips for using the keyword editor, including information about copying and pasting from an external spreadsheet.

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