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Include Google Ads ad customizers in ad copy

Search Ads 360 offers limited support for ad customizers. Search Ads 360 supports the sync and creation of ads that use ad customizers. However, ads using ad customizers won't render the bound values in the Search Ads 360 UI.

Ad customizers are parameters in your Google Ads ad copy that will be replaced by dynamic text when an ad is served. For example, you can include the {=Mixers.Brand} custom parameter in your ad copy. If you've uploaded a spreadsheet that defines a value for Mixers.Brand, Google Ads will substitute the value when it serves the ad.

You can also include a countdown function to show the number of days remaining in a special promotion or sale. For example, you add the following function to an ad:{=COUNTDOWN("2015/01/15 18:00:00")}. If the ad is served on 2015/01/15 at 16:00, the function outputs 2 hours, because 2 hours remain until the time and date specified in the function.

When you create ads in Search Ads 360, you can include ad customizers in your ad copy. You can also sync in ads with customizers.

Note that you'll need to add customizer data within Google Ads.  It’s recommended that you include a standard text ad within the same ad group as any ads with customizers. If custom data is missing or invalid, Google Ads will serve the standard ad instead of the customizer ad.

Ready to get started?

  1. Create ad customizer data in Google Ads.
  2. Include customizers when you create Google Ads ads in Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360 displays engine metrics for customizer ads just like standard ads. You can look up the performance of individual customizers from Google Ads.

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