17 February 2015: What's new




Manage Baidu accounts in DS

You can now manage your campaigns for Baidu accounts directly in DoubleClick Search (DS). To get started, you’ll first need to create a DS engine account for your Baidu account. Once that’s set up, you can create and manage your campaigns under the account. Learn more.


New features

Manage and report on AdWords remarketing lists

After you set up and enable remarketing lists in AdWords, you can apply the lists and report on the performance in DS. The AdWords-created remarketing lists enable you to include or exclude an audience from additional marketing efforts at the ad group and campaign level in DS.

Additionally, you can automatically adjust bids up or down to reach your target audience. Learn more.


Segment by click type

While you’ve always been able to use DS to see the number of clicks on your ads, you can now use DS to see which part of an ad was clicked. For example, you can see if customers are clicking on headlines, sitelinks, directions, or other clickable parts of your ads. Learn more.


Updated features

More information about inventory in Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns now provide more at-a-glance information about the products a product group covers. The Available Products Count and Disapproved Products Count column tells you how many products you are or could be bidding on. Additionally, product groups that use a “Product ID” breakout will now show the title of the product next to the product group’s name.


Executive reports: Filter metrics without data

To unclutter your tables and charts, rows and segments that don’t include data are removed.

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