4 February 2015: What's new


New feature

Set up radius targets for your location extensions

When you use location extensions in an AdWords campaign, you can set up a radius around a business location in your Google My Business account and adjust bids for paid clicks that occur within the radius. This can be useful if you want to assign higher or lower bids for customers at different distances from specific business locations.

Now, you can set up radius targets for your location extensions from DoubleClick Search. Learn more.

Updated features

Executive Reports: Share reports using the report manager

The report manager now includes gray Gray link icon indicates that the link is not shared and green Green link icon indicates that link has been created Get shareable link buttons that you can use to share or stop sharing your executive reports.

Updates to the report manager also include the following features:

  • Ready check mark, Ready check mark in report manager, which indicates that the report completed successfully.
  • Download button. Select a report’s checkbox, and then download the report.

Learn more.


Faster performance when uploading conversions

If you use the DS API or bulksheets to upload or modify conversions, you'll notice that it takes DS significantly less time to process and respond to your upload request. None of the APIs or bulksheet columns have been changed, so you don't need to update any of your code. But now, the same requests you've been sending will get a much faster response.

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