Action column

Contains a button for adding or editing an inventory rule in a manual campaign.

Note that for rules in an inventory keyword campaign, this column only contains an inactive Edit button. That's because inventory keyword campaigns manage the process of adding and editing rules for you.

In a manual campaign, when you navigate to an ad group and click the Inventory: Inventory rules tab, this column contains Add buttons for adding one of each of the following types of rules:

  • Update ad copy: Generates product-specific ad copy for the products in your inventory feed. If you add products or change product data in your feed, Search Ads 360 will update and traffic new ad copy.
  • Pause/unpause KWs: Pauses/unpauses keywords based on the availabilty of products in the inventory feed.
  • Update KW properties: Updates the landing page URL of keywords based on changes in the inventory feed.
    This type of rule can also update the param1 and param2 keyword properties, which can be used to dynamically update ad copy based on the keyword that matches a customer's query.

Once you create a rule, the Add button changes to Edit. In addition, you can see the rule and its Edit button at higher scopes, such as the engine account, campaign, or ad group scope.

Add this column to a report
  1. Navigate to a Google Ads engine account or lower scope.

  2. Click the Inventory ▼ tab and select Inventory rules.

  3. If the column isn't already in the reporting table:

    1. Click the Columns button above the performance summary graph.

    2. In the Search for columns box, type the column name.

    3. Click + next to the column name in the Available columns list.

    4. Click Apply.
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