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Forecast the performance of a bid strategy

If you're unsure of the CPA, ERS, or ROAS target a bid strategy needs to achieve the range of conversions or spend you want, navigate to the bid strategy that's been applied to campaigns, ad groups, or biddable items in an AdWords or Bing Ads engine account. Then click the Forecasting tab.

Bid strategy Forecasting tab with CPA target and graph

The forecast uses historical data from the bid strategy to show:

  • Which CPA, ERS, or ROAS target is likely to generate the most conversions for the least cost.
  • The target needed to achieve a specific range of conversions: If you know how many conversions you want to achieve per week, you can see which CPA, ERS, or ROAS target you're likely to need.
  • How the bid strategy performs with a specific amount of weekly spend.

Learn more.

New features

Copy AdWords campaigns to AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo! JAPAN engine accounts

If you need to manage the same campaigns on multiple engine accounts, instead of manually creating the campaigns on each account, you can create them once in an AdWords account and copy them to the other accounts. If later you make additions and changes to one of the campaigns, you can copy the additions and some of the changes into the other accounts.

Because not all AdWords settings are supported by Bing Ads and Yahoo! JAPAN, only applicable settings can be copied. Learn more.


Updated features

Create and apply sitelinks by uploading a bulksheet

You can now use the same bulksheet to create and edit sitelinks and add them to campaigns and ad groups. Learn more.

URL templates no longer encode URL parameters

If you're using URL templates to automatically apply a redirect URL to all keywords in an engine account, DS can encode the landing page URL to meet the requirements of some tracking systems. When you select the option to encode, DS now only encodes the advertiser URL. Previously, DS also encoded any URL parameters you specified in the template. Learn more.

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