Create and report on Google Ads dynamic search ads in Search Ads 360

Set up a campaign for Google Ads dynamic search ads

To enable a campaign to display dynamic search ads from Search Ads 360:

  1. Start creating or editing a Google Ads manual campaign.
  2. Set the campaign to target only the Search network. 
    "All available" is selected by default in new campaigns. 
    1. In the Targeting section, under Network, click Let me choose.
    2. Clear the Display network checkbox.
  3. In the Dynamic Search Ads section, do the following:
    1. Select the Enable campaign for Dynamic Search Ads checkbox. 
    2. Enter the domain name of your web site. Google uses this domain name to find your site in its search index.

      For example, enter or Note that domain names such as are not valid.

      • Don’t start with http:// or https://. 
      • Don't include any path information after the domain name. You can limit the campaign to specific sections of your site when you set up dynamic targets.
  4. Select the language of your site.
    If your website domain contains pages in multiple languages and you want to target searches for your ads based on all of these pages, create a new campaign for each language.
  5. Select a targeting source for the dynamic search ads.

    If you want to use a page feed as a targeting source, you are required to set up the page feed in Google Ads.
    • Website only

      1. Click Use Google's index of my website.
      2. Click Save.
    • Page feed only

      1. Click Use URLs from my page feed only.
      2. In the list of page feeds, select the check box next to the page feeds that you want.
      3. Click Save.
    • Web site and page feed

      1. Click Use URLs from both Google's index of my website and my page feed.
      2. In the list of page feeds, select the check box next to the page feeds that you want to use.
      3. Click Save.


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