Create a shopping campaign

Sync a Google Ads Shopping campaign into Search Ads 360

If you've already created a Shopping campaign in Google Ads, you can sync the campaign into Search Ads 360 and then manage and report on the campaign from Search Ads 360.

Before you start

Before syncing a Google Ads account that contains a Shopping campaign, make sure you to link Search Ads 360 to the same Merchant Center account that you've connected to Google Ads. Be sure that the Merchant Center accounts connected to your Google Ads account are exactly the same accounts that you link to Search Ads 360.

If you accidentally sync a Shopping campaign before you link Search Ads 360 to your Merchant Center account (or if you link the wrong Merchant Center account with Search Ads 360), link the correct Merchant Center account, then select Fix all trafficking errors in active accounts when you sync the campaign into Search Ads 360.

Sync the campaign into Search Ads 360

After linking your Merchant Center accounts, sync the Google Ads engine account with Search Ads 360.

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