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Link Search Ads 360 with Digital Analytics

To receive data from Digital Analytics in Search Ads 360, an agency manager or advertiser manager needs to enable the Search Ads 360 Conversions API and link your Search Ads 360 advertiser with an IBM Digital Analytics account. Anyone with access to your Search Ads 360 advertiser will be able to see data from the Digital Analytics Client ID in Search Ads 360.

To link accounts:

  1. In Digital Analytics, enable the Digital Analytics API (DDX API) for your Client ID.
    Contact your IBM Digital Analytics service representative for more information.

  2. Generate an authentication token for the DDX API:

    1. Copy the following URL: clientId=CLIENT_ID&username=USERNAME& password=PASSWORD

    2. In the URL, replace CLIENT_ID, USERNAME, PASSWORD as follows:
      • CLIENT_ID: replace with your Digital Analytics client ID
      • USERNAME and PASSWORD: replace with the username and password of a Digital Analytics user who has access to the DDX API.
    3. Paste the updated URL into the address bar of your browser and press the Enter key.

    4. Your browser displays the authentication token (USER_AUTHENTICATION_KEY).

      Copy the token.

  3. Sign into Search Ads 360 using an account that has agency manager or advertiser manager access.

  4. Navigate to your advertiser settings:

    1. Navigate to your advertiser.

    2. Click Advertiser settings in the left navigation pane.

    3. Click the Advertiser settings button that appears above the tabs.
  5. Switch IBM Digital Analytics support from Off to On.
    If the switch appears dimmed, make sure you've enabled the Search Ads 360 Conversions API.
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Digital Analytics client ID
    • Digital Analytics username
    • DDX authentication token (generated in the steps above)
    • Currency of Digital Analytics client
    • Time zone of Digital Analytics client
  7. Click Save.

Digital Analytics columns in Search Ads 360 reports will be populated starting the day the link is complete.

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