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Create and report on Google Ads call extensions

About Google Ads call extensions in Search Ads 360

Call extensions, also called click to call extensions, are an ad extension available in Google Ads engine accounts. They encourage calls to your business by showing a phone number with your ad. Learn more about call extensions.
Call extensions show a phone number or clickable call button with your ad.

You can create and edit call extensions in Google Ads and then sync them into Search Ads 360, or create and edit call extensions in Search Ads 360 and take advantage of Search Ads 360 features that enable you to scale up your campaign management, such as bulksheets. After you've created call extensions, you can:

  • Apply call extensions:
    • To one or more campaigns in a Google Ads engine account. All ads in the campaigns will be eligible to display the specified call extensions.
    • To one or more ad groups in a Google Ads engine account. All ads in the ad groups will be eligible to display the specified call extensions.
      By default all ads inherit call extensions from the campaign, but individual ad groups can override campaign settings and define their own call extensions or prevent ads in the ad group from displaying any call extension.
  • Report on performance metrics sent from Google Ads to Search Ads 360, such as clicks on ads that show a phone number. If you enable conversion tracking for a call extension, you can also see how many of those clicks resulted in a conversion.

    Note that call conversions are reported in columns that report Google Ads conversions, such as AW conv. They aren't counted in columns that report Floodlight conversions, such as Actions.

Conversion tracking and conversion actions

Depending on the country you're advertising in, your ads can display a Google forwarding number instead of your actual number. The Google forwarding number makes it possible to count phone calls of a specified duration as conversions. You can then use Google Ads automated bidding strategies to increase the likelihood of conversions. Search Ads 360 bid strategies do not optimize call conversions.

Here's how it works:

  1. You set up the call extension to display and use a Google forwarding number instead of your actual phone number.
  2. By default, Google Ads considers all phone calls longer than 60 seconds to be conversions. But you can specify your own set of actions that constitute a conversion for one or more call extensions.

    You can set up conversion actions in Search Ads 360 or in Google Ads. If you set up conversion actions in Google Ads, you'll also need to sync them into Search Ads 360.

  3. When a customer calls the Google forwarding number, Google Ads forwards the call to your phone number. If the call is longer than the amount of time specified in the call extension's conversion action, Google Ads counts the call as a conversion.

Ready to get started?

  1. Create call extensions.
  2. Apply call extensions.
  3. Report on call extensions.

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