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Generate reports with labels faster

Executive Reports

In some cases, when you filter or segment a report by label, it can take more than a few minutes to generate a report with a large amount of data because Search Ads 360 looks at the metrics for each keyword by default.

To speed up report generation, you can set the report to use the labels at the ad group or campaign level. Reports run faster because only the labels at the selected level and higher are included. For example, if you set the report to use the labels at the ad group level and labels are also applied at the campaign level, the report is segmented by the labels from both levels. If you use the labels at the campaign level, the report is segmented only by the labels at the campaign level.


Change setting to use labels 

  1. Open an existing report:

    1. From the top navigation bar in Search Ads 360, click Executive Reports.

    2. Click a report title.

  2. Click Settings in the top button bar.

  3. Under the Use labels on text, next to Keywords, click the arrow, and then click one of the following:

    • Ad Groups - Reports include labels applied to ad groups and campaigns
    • Campaigns - Reports includes labels applied only to campaigns

    Use labels on drop-down list with ad groups highlighted.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Make sure you have applied labels to the selected object.
    Otherwise, reports that you segment or filter by label will be empty. For example, if you choose ad groups labels in Settings, and then segment a chart by a label named "Brand," make sure you've applied the "Brand" label to ad groups. If you've only applied the label to keywords, your report will be empty. If you've applied the label to both ad groups and to the keywords in that campaign, Search Ads 360 will only display data from the ad group level.
    If  the "Brand" label is applied to campaigns too, Search Ads 360 will display data from the ad group and campaign levels.


Additional benefits of filtering or segmenting by label at the ad-group or campaign level

  • The "Generate report to see actual data" notification is removed from charts.

  • Executive reports include additional metrics for campaign-level labels

    If you use labels at the campaign level, reports will also include metrics from Shopping campaigns, Shopping ads, and impression share. Data for these items is not included in charts if labels are applied only at the ad-group level or below.

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